Photography Tips

As I was getting our camera ready to pack for our trip, I was thinking about all the pictures we’ll take. Thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for taking the best photos and preserving them, too!

  • Fill up the entire frame and move in close to your focal point. Focus on the eyes when you are photographing people.
  • Whenever possible, use natural light instead of a flash. Early morning or late afternoon lighting is best; it’s softer.
  • If you are shooting a group of people, focus on heads, not feet or legs.
  • When photographing a seated group, stand up on a chair above the group and have everybody look up towards the camera. This provides the most flattering angle for the shot.
  • Store photos in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight. These days, most people take digital pictures so this isn’t a problem.
  • Keep your original photos intact; you don’t want to crop a one of a kind photo; make copies and crop those.
  • Use as little adhesive as possible when putting photos onto your pages. Another plus for digital scrapbooking.

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