Quick Tuesday Tip – Embossing Buddy

The Embossing Buddy (103083) is a small bag of powder that is essential for heat embossing. Rubbing the surface of your cardstock with the “buddy” helps to reduce static electricity and also removes any oils that may have been left on the card stock .


BUT,  here’s another tip for this tool. If you use SNAIL Adhesive on the back of ribbon you’re using on a project, it is a bit difficult to apply the adhesive without some hanging over the edge, especially on narrower ribbon. When this happens, your card becomes sticky, which is not good. Try rubbing (gently) the Embossing Buddy over the unwanted adhesive…problem solved!

This will also work if you are a bit heavy-handed when applying adhesive to a card layer and you want to remove it from around the edges of your card project or scrapbook page.


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