Scrapbooking – Some Basic Tips

If you are just starting out in your scrapbooking endeavor, here are a few basics to help you begin. First, remember to keep it simple. You really don’t have to use every possible embellishment on your page! I’ve seen so many “newbies” spend hours agonizing over one page and not get ANY pictures actually put into an album. In addition to your photos, you can add three simple items – paper, adhesive and pen (or journaler if you wish) and use these alone to create simple, yet striking pages.

Use cardstock as the foundation for your layout. This cardstock can be solid or patterned, depending upon the look you’d like to achieve.

When using adhesive, less is better. Apply a small amount to the corners of your photos only; avoid covering the entire area of the back of your photo.

Using a permanent, pigment black journaler will allow you to record names, dates and other important info on your page.


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