Simple Is Just As Beautiful

I have customers from time to time who say, “I’m just not creative…” or “Gosh, look at the work that So-And-So does. Her cards are always so _____ (you fill in the blank), compared to mine.”

I can identify pretty readily with those people because I often felt that way myself when I was just getting started with stamping, scrapbooking, and paper crafting. Heck, when I see the things that y’all do now, sometimes I STILL get that feeling!

What I’ve come to realize though, after talking to hundreds and hundreds of stampers and making thousands of cards, is that simple is just fine. Simple can be just as beautiful! You can, “kick it up a notch”, by adding embellishments and making your card or page very complex and that’s great! (I’ve done it and I like it.) However, you can also tone it down a bit and come up with a very simple card that is every bit as elegant and appreciated! (Like that too!)

Here are a few simple examples that I made with the Artistic Etchings Stamp Set, (118517-wood, 120573-clear).

Eiffel1_Thumb  Eiffel2_Thumb  Eiffel3_Thumb  Eiffel4_Thumb

Please click on each ‘thumbnail’ image to see a full-size version.

Dave is experimenting with this method of showing pictures to see if people like it better. It’s a little more work, but seems worth it as it usually will allow you to see a significantly larger picture.

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