Statement of the Heart

Coining a term…  S/S/P = stamper/scrapbooker/papercrafter

Whether you are a hobby ‘S/S/P’, a deadly-serious ‘S/S/P’, or want to start a business that will provide a great income while you do what you love, in my opinion, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the people/company who will be supplying what you need.  I was looking at the Stampin’ Up! website today and I thought that this was worth passing on.  Stampin’ Up! has a mission statement that they call their, “Statement of the Heart”.  To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy
creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . . in this we make a

And I quote from their article…

Shortly after convention, a convention attendee asked Shelli, “Is the
convention theme–Inspire. Create. Share.–replacing the Statement of
the Heart? I didn’t hear that mentioned hardly at all, so I was just
wondering. . . .”

Shelli’s reply was swift–“Of course not!
Inspire. Create. Share. is a tagline. It is a wonderfully succinct way
to describe what we do at Stampin’ Up! But the Statement of the Heart
is our mission statement. It describes what we believe in, what we
focus on, what matters the most to us.”

We felt the distinction
was worth making. Our new tagline does do a great job of describing
what we do at Stampin’ Up!, but taglines may come and go. Our Statement
of the Heart is here to stay! The focus on loving what we do, and then
sharing it with others, has always been a driving force behind what we

Equally important is our commitment to help people
enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments. Everything from
products and projects to rewards and recognition is designed to make
the creative process fun, easy, and rewarding, as well as to help
people feel like they’ve accomplished something of value–whether it’s
creating a hand-stamped project, giving a gift from the heart, or
meeting a personal goal in their own Stampin’ Up! businesses.

meetings in the home office, Shelli will sometimes ask employees if
they have the Statement of the Heart memorized. And she’ll hand out a
$5 bill to the first employee who can repeat it! It’s a fun way of
reminding those at the home office that the Statement of the Heart is
much more than just words–it’s a commitment and priority that every
single member of the Stampin’ Up! family should be aware of.

End quote…

What a great company!  Glad I chose to go with them as my backup!!!


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