Posted on August 2, 2010

Subscribers ROCK!!

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Are you a subscriber???
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Subscribers to my mailing list get all sorts of COOL STUFF!

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And speaking of videos… We have created a series of short "tool tip" videos just for our subscribers!

My husband, Dave, (aka, The Stamp Slave), is a tool nut and loves puttering around his workshop. He loves figuring out different ways to solve problems using various tools. We thought it would be perfect for him to demonstrate some of our favorite
crafting tools. And, just so you don't forget who I am, you'll see me in
a couple of them, too! 

We are going to send a series of Tool Tip videos to everyone who is a subscriber to my mailing list as of Thursday, August 5th. If you know of other people who might enjoy these same things, please share the link to my blog so they can sign up by Thursday too!

Starting on Friday, the 6th, and continuing for eight days, subscribers will
receive one new video each day plus all of the goodies mentioned above. Enjoy!

This post will remain at the top of the blog until Thursday. Please see below for new posts.

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