Swap Your Heart Out

I belong to a group (Swap Your Heart Out) of a dozen or so friends and customers who get together every month to “swap”. When it is our turn, we decide the swap theme and the menu for the evening. Any crafting event, large or small, MUST have food don’t you know?!

Our theme for this month was “a touch of lace”. Here are the pictures of all the projects.


I just love how everyone uses different colors, stamp sets and embellishments. Which one is your favorite?

If you’ve never done a swap with your friends; give it a try; it’s easy:

  1. Pick a theme (you can also pick a color instead of a theme); when it was my turn to host I picked black and white and only one other color.
  2. If you have some ladies who have never done this sort of thing before and don’t have supplies, Stampin’ Up! sells kits that would be perfect, especially if the theme is “birthdays” or something generic. Each card doesn’t have to be exactly the same; the point is to just share ideas and have fun.
  3. Decide if you are swapping one for one or making just one specialty item and then drawing numbers or names to see who gets whose projects. (a couple of months ago we did a “mason jar” theme and each person made one and went home with one.
  4. Invite friends you think would enjoy this event; be sure to give a deadline to RSVP and then set the actual swapping date.
  5. Decide if everyone is going to mail the swaps or if you will all gather in person to trade.
  6. Put out a list to everyone with participants and be clear if everyone is making a swap for each participant or just making ONE item.
  7. Get busy creating and HAVE FUN!!!

If I can help you in any way, give me a shout! Have fun as you and your friends swap your heart out!! 🙂


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