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Posted on September 2, 2019

Not Too Early!

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Doesn't it seem strange to be talking about Christmas when September just BARELY got here? It does to me, but I know that by the time I can blink twice, it's gonna be here!

Hi All!

Dave, (a.k.a. The Stamp Slave), here. I figured I'd jump in and help out so that, when the next Stampin' Up! incentive trip comes up, I can point back to this post and say, “Yes! Really! I helped!” That's worth a trip to Maui, isn't it?? LOL… (By the way, sure would be ‘funner' if some of y'all came along with us on some of these fabulous trips! Ask Anne how…)

The new Stampin' Up! 2019 Holiday Catalog will be out on Thursday and it's spectacular, as usual! I'll be spending some time tomorrow getting the picture together and setting up the link so that you'll be able to click and go right to the download page! Be sure to come back on Thursday morning to see what a marvelous job I've done! 😉 Then, click the link, (it will be in the sidebar on the right), and download the catalog so you can see what I mean.

I've attached a picture above of a project done with the, “Wrapped In Plaid Suite”. The Wrapped In Plaid Suite is available in the new catalog. If you want the whole thing, you'll get the stamp set, punch, DSP, ribbon, some brightly-colored “Jingle Bells”, and some gold mini pizza boxes. If you want a bit less than that, there's the Bundle, which includes the stamp set and punch. Or… if you just want a couple of things, they are all individually available. Just let us know how we can help.

And please remember, when it comes time to pack for Maui, please back me up. Just say, “He DID help!”

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Posted on October 6, 2016

Christmas Cards Using Pine Bough Embossing Folder…Simplicity

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OR…Stepped Up!


My rule of thumb is to think about how many cards you will be mailing out. Think of friends, family, work associates, neighbors, kids' friends' families, well…you get the idea. No matter how many cards you are planning to send, get a realistic number in mind before you start creating! Once you have the list, you can figure out the amount of time needed to create your card as well as your supply budget. If you have a long list, my advice would be to choose a simpler design, one that is easy to mass produce.

One year, 3 of my stamping buddies and I chose the same stamp set to use for our cards and we didn't even know it. We decided to make a “group design” (we all sent our cards to different people) and then get together a few times to assemble them. One of us stamped, one tied bows, one adhered layers, and so on. We rotated the “jobs” so the workload all evened out, and of course we all purchased our own supplies.

Speaking of supplies, I've listed what was used for each of these cards so you can get an idea of cost involved; just click a pic to see details.

 Of course, if these are not your style, Stampin' Up! offers so many other options in stamp sets, paper, inks and embellishments. I know we'll have something just right for your cards! 🙂

Pine Bough Noel Card: no stamping required!

Holly Berry Happiness: layered and embellished!

If you want to design your own cards this year, but are struggling with stamp set choice, I'd love to help! Give me a shout and we'll set up a time to start planning your perfect Christmas card!

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Posted on August 22, 2014

Christmas Card Buffet Classes Start Soon!

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My Annual Christmas Card Classes will begin soon! I've gotten great feedback on my new “buffet” format for this year's classes and I'm excited to get started!

I'll be holding three classes, a morning and afternoon session for each of my classes this year; you can come to one, two, or all three. If you are a current member of one of my stamp clubs OR you attend all three months, you will get envelopes for all cards for free (at the last session). I will have kit options, too, as requested…service with a smile! 🙂

Sept 5: 9:00 – noon OR
6:00 – 9:00

October 3: 9:00 – noon OR
6:00 – 9:00

November 7: 9:00 – noon OR
6:00 – 9:00

We will be making the exact same cards each month; I just wanted to give you a day and evening option.

I will have 4 card designs available each month and you may make up to 12 cards at each session. The cards will be $3.50/ea. You will register and pay for your class each month, (registration will begin on Monday, August 18 and will end on August 27), and then I will contact you to find out which design you want to make. You can choose to make 12 of one card design or choose a few of each.

If you want to purchase kits, it will work the same way; I will just mail everything to you and there will be an added fee of $10 per date. If you get kits for all three sessions you will also get free envelopes for up to 36 cards.

Below are the 4 designs available for September classes.

Click for full image

If you have never attended one of my annual Christmas Card classes OR you have a friend, (new to me), register too, you will receive a package of your choice of Basic Rhinestone or Pearl Jewels as a thank you from me!

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