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Posted on July 10, 2020

The History of Stamping Ink

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OK, I'll admit it. I am a history geek. I love learning about past generations, especially as it relates to the papercrafting industry. I thought I'd let you go off on this little rabbit trail with me today and learn a little bit about the history of that all important part of rubber stamping…the ink!

Along with the invention of the block, for printing, an important sister-invention made the evolution of stamping as we know it today possible – and that's ink, specifically intended for printing and stamping. 

When the Gutenberg press was invented (1450), books were printed with an oil-based ink spread – which was tricky, slippery, and did not dry quickly. These original inks were created with linseed oil and stuck easily to the metal surfaces of the press in order to create a clean print. Creating these inks was a lengthy process due to the nature of the oil. Once created, the ink had to sit for at least a year so that any sticky substances within it could settle and not be floating around in the oily ink. 

Because of oil's debilitating dry time, it's possible that litharge (lead monoxide, often used in ceramic glazing) was added to help speed that process up. Over time, other vegetable oils were used, in trial and error. By using heat and vegetable oils rich in fatty acids, the dry time was also shortened. 

In the 19th century, the addition of petroleum distillate (a solvent) shortened the dry time even more. This discovery was very important in the invention of color printing inks. Because of petroleum distillate's excessive use in ink making, a new way to create inks was sought after during a petroleum shortage in the 1970s, which led to the eventual creation of water and pigment based inks.

ink mixing

An antique commercial pricing kit from the 20th century – including a bottle of violet ink, an ink solvent, and a pricing stamp gun

Ink pads, which came in tins with pre-inked pads that soaked up and held ink, not unlike ink pads today, could be purchased earlier than the turn of the 20th century. Another option, popularly used in commercial stamping, was mixing the ink oneself, with a concentrated bottle of the pigment and a separate bottle of the solvent. 

Today's craft stamping version of these mixing bottles would be reinkers – though the pre-mixing is already done for you!

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Posted on June 8, 2020

ALL-NEW Technique Classes are Here!

technique classes

Hey Stampers! Do you struggle with coming up with new ways to use your stamping products? Do you have a lot of products you've purchased but they're just sitting around collecting dust…or worse, you're not even sure where they are? I've got the answer!

Registration is now open for my “ALL-NEW Teach Me” Techniques series. My passion is teaching and I absolutely love getting people excited about stamping for the first time or helping them rekindle their enthusiasm!

Each month I'll teach three new techniques, step by step in a “live” Facebook broadcast within a secret group. You'll get a PDF document with technique instructions that you can save and refer to as you watch me demonstrate each technique. You'll also receive at least one exclusive sample with instructions for each technique. You can ask questions during the live class or later when you're working on your projects.

If you've been waiting to get your crafting mojo going again, click below to get all the details and register. Hope to see you in Class!

Teach Me Technique Class

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Posted on March 22, 2014

2014-2015 New Catalog Premiere Party!

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Be the first to see the 2014-2015 annual catalog . . . just as if you were at a star-studded Hollywood movie premiere! You'll get a sneak peak at upcoming new releases (AKA pre-sale products) AND–what would a premiere party be without a bit of SWAG (sealed with a gift)? No one will go home from this party empty-handed!

And here's more exciting news: unlike Hollywood premieres, you won't have to be in Hollywood to see it first! Why? Because the 2014-2015 Catalog Premiere will be simulcast to a theater near you at the following locations! My downline, Girls, INK, and I will be attending at the Plano location…come and join us!


This is so exciting; Stampin' Up! has never done anything like this! While this event is for demonstrators only, if you are not a demonstrator, you can be!  If you join before the end of March you can get $51 in extra goodies in your starter kit!  So for $99 plus tax (FREE shipping) you can choose $150 worth of product! AND, to sweeten the pot even more, anyone who joins before our annual Convention in July, gets to attend Convention ($280+ value)  for free! This applies even if you have been a demo before. To join, visit my website

I think the best part of joining, no matter where you live, is you will be part of my wonderful downline, Girls, INK. While I live in Texas, I have ladies who live in other parts of the country. Think of us as favorite, long-distance relatives. 🙂

Questions? Email or call me!


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