Texturizing Can Be Easy!

There are many ways to add texture to your cards and layouts. Here are a couple of fun techniques that use something most of us already have a supply of in our kitchen…paper towels! White paper towels with a pattern or “texture” are what you need for all of these techniques.

1. Texturizing chipboard: the first step is to adhere the towel to a piece of chipboard and trim around the edges. Take your Classic Ink Pad in any color and lightly ink the surface of the paper towel, allowing the texture of the towel to show through. Allow the towel to dry and then embellish as desired. You can also start with a very light color of ink, let dry, and then add other colors to create a “collage” effect.

2. Embellishments with texture: dilute some ink from a re-inker with water in a small glass bowl. Dip a paper towel into this solution and then let dry. Repeat with one or two additional colors until you get the desired effect. Once your towel is completely dry, cut the towel into desired shape and adhere to your card or layout. Embellish as desired.

3. Fold or wad up a piece of paper towel. Take the towel (texture side up) and lightly dab onto your Classic or Craft ink (if you are planning to emboss, use Craft Ink). Press the inked paper towel onto your project, using the towel as your “stamp”. You can then use this as a background and stamp over it or, as I did on the butterfly card, take one of our punches and create an embellishment. The texture is subtle on this project; embossing makes it more obvious.

On the owl, I used various shades of neutral colors to create a “mottled” look.



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