The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for YOUR Special Lady

It’s no secret that Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays. According to Woman’s Day magazine, it is the third most popular holiday in the world. Only Christmas and Easter are more favored.  Moms everywhere multitask each day as they cook, clean up messes, help kids with homework and many also work outside of the home. Why not take some time this year to treat YOUR hard-working, wearer of many hats mom to show her that she is #1 in your eyes. You can also print this post out and leave on someone’s pillow so they can surprise you…just sayin’!

Here are four ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for YOUR special lady. Pay close attention so you’ll be the favorite kid this year!😍

  1. Write a special note – moms, grandmothers, aunts, and other important women in our lives love to receive gifts from the heart. Taking the time to write a special note or make a handmade card will show mom how much you appreciate and love her (tomorrow I’ll be sharing some suggestions of things to write inside your card so don’t miss that)!
  2. Clean the house – we all know that this task usually falls to all the moms so why not surprise her and give her a break? You can do it all at once or tackle one chore each day and let her have some “me” time instead of cleaning.
  3. Cook dinner one night – or maybe even make her breakfast in bed. Even if it’s a box of cereal with some milk or maybe a store-bought croissant, she’ll love it! Don’t forget to add some fresh flowers to her breakfast tray or dinner place AND do the dishes after she eats!
  4. Give her a spa day – if you are the daughter of a mom, plan a day for the two of you. If that’s a bit over your budget, bring the spa to her. Set up some candles in her favorite fragrance, have nail supplies ready to give her a manicure or pedicure (or both!), and put on her favorite music.

Hopefully these four ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your special lady got you thinking. If you have others to share, please do so in a comment below.

Remember tomorrow I’ll be sharing some message ideas for inside a handmade or store bought card!



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