There’s no “right” way to scrapbook……

Okay, before you all send me an email I know many of you have tried and true methods that you like! BUT, I know that some of you are just getting started down the Scrapbooking Super Highway so here are a few suggestions to get you started!

1. Remember that scrapbooking is a way for you creatively express your special memories, a way for you to document the experiences shared by you and your family.

2.Figure out a system that works well for you to organize your photos…it can be a shoebox that you organize by date or event or a more elaborate system.

3. Don’t buy everything all at once…unless, of course, it has a Stampin’ Up! logo on it…LOL! Seriously, you don’t need every latest and greatest product to record your memories. It will be worth it to take some time and really think about what you actually NEED. Do you already own some embellishments, etc. that you could use on your layouts?

4. Schedule some regular time to scrapbook…whether by your self or with some friends!

I’ll have another set of “tips” in the next day or two so check back!


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