Think You HAVE To Be “Creative” To Scrapbook?

Well, think again! Read this great article I found and then if you are ready to get started, please contact me. I offer a one hour “consulting session” free of charge and I promise you it will be time well spent!

Busting Three Myths About Scrapbooking

by Karen Siegel Fitting

When I tell people about what I do, I often hear things like; “I am not
creative at all”, “I just don’t have the time” , “I would love to be
able to scrapbook”. If you have the desire to scrapbook, you can make
to happen. Read on… three common scrapbooking myths are about to be

Scrapbooking Myth #1: There’s no time to scrapbook. Scrapping doesn’t
require more time than you are willing to give to yourself for other
activities (like exercise or the spa), it just requires scheduling.
Most retail stores post their scrapbooking times 2 to 3 months in

Independent consultants offer workshops as well and will likely have
their schedules prepared 4 to 6 months in advance. My friend, Jackie,
only scrapbooks twice a year – at weekend retreat events an independent
consultant runs. Jackie knows 6 months in advance when the next retreat
will happen and works her family calendar around it. She is able to
remain up to date with her photo projects by simply making the most of
these two opportunities. In my experience, busy people get things done
– because of planning.

Scrapbooking Myth #2: You have to be creative to make a scrapbook style
photo album. Putting photos into safe albums is mostly about preserving
the memories & stories that the photos represent. Some of my
favorite album pages are ‘naked’. They lack any stickers or
embellishments whatsoever. I love pages like this because they
celebrate the memories. Digital scrapbooking and pre-designed layouts
make things easier. Just add pictures and your words and you have a
beautiful page!

Scrapbooking Myth #3: Scrapbooks are for families with kids. As long as
you are taking pictures, kids or no kids, there’s plenty to work on!
Look at your pictures, aren’t they worthy of celebration? It’s time to
show off your exciting life! Celebrate your everyday, your family and
friends. Your story is worth telling and sharing, putting these stories
and memories into a safe album is a great way to do this! Now that you
know how to bust these myths, it is time to get started. Find a few
pictures, find some friends or some help from a store or consultant and
celebrate your memories.


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