Thinking Outside The Box


Do you remember the SU Growth Chart that I showed in my post on August 8?  Well take a look at this!  I just saw that another demonstrator had shared what she did with it.  It’s one of those ideas that is so simple and yet I have to ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Lisa Clark thought beyond the traditional use of the Growth Chart and
created a ruler for her craft room.  She cut out the ruler, then cut
out the inch marks and adhered just the measurement marks to the edge
of her counter. She then added the foot and half foot markers back in.
Lisa uses this unobtrusive ruler to trim ribbon lengths, make quick
measurements of scraps, visualize layouts, and more. 



When asked about the other pieces of the Growth Chart that she
didn’t use, she says, “I may use the tree and birds elsewhere in my
craft room for fun.”  How great is that!!??

Remember, the Décor Elements Growth Chart is only available through September 30.  If you’re interested in doing something with it, don’t wait…!

If you come up with a great idea like this and are willing to share it, please let me know.  Maybe we can get it featured on the SU web site.


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