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Posted on January 20, 2021

Red Rubber or Photopolymer?

Customer Q & A/ Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Happy rainy Wednesday from Texas! I've got a quick question for you today? Red Rubber or Photopolymer? Which type of stamp do you prefer? Drop a comment below-I'd really like to know which you prefer and why.

When I first started stamping, I hated the clear, acrylic stamps. I never could get a nice, crisp image. So, when I discovered Stampin' Up! I was so happy to have the red rubber stamps. Back then we had to trim them up when we received, but I didn't even mind doing that because the stamped image was so clean and crisp!

Fast forward to today. We now have both! Red rubber and photopolymer. The photopolymer is so much better than the acrylics of the past.

If you're a relatively new stamper, here are a few hints for both types.

Photopolymer stamps are clear so you can see through them to align fairly easily. Of course, you can always use a stamp alignment tool like the Stamparatus for perfection. The ink sticks to a photopolymer stamp extremely well giving you a nice, crisp image and they also stick well to a clear block. TIP: when you first use a photopolymer stamp, I usually ink up my photopolymer stamp and then stamp on my Versamark stamp pad and onto scrap paper a few times. This seems to “condition” the stamp. Then I ink up in Versamark again and when I stamp onto a darker color of ink (reds, greens) it doesn't seem to stain as badly as if I just use it right away without doing my “conditioning” routine. Honestly though, you will still get some staining and it truly won't matter. The actual ink cleans off nicely so it is ready to use again, no problem.

Red Rubber stamps can be trickier to place perfectly without a positioning tool. TIP: If you don't yet own a Stamparatus or other positioning tool, use some sort of “grid” paper underneath and line up your cardstock. It's easier to see if you are stamping straight when you have a line to look at. Many people still believe you get a better image using red rubber stamps. Depending upon the size and detail of the stamp, I tend to agree. It really is just personal preference. All of Stampin' Up!®'s red rubber images are now “cling” mount. They come with labels to put on the foam part so it does take a little more work. BUT, the labels are sticky so they adhere nicely to your clear blocks.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about either type of stamp, or anything else “crafty”. If you aren't receiving my weekly newsletter, just pop your name and email in the box at the top of this post, and I'll send you a free gift just for signing up! After that, you'll get lots of timely information, project samples and ideas, and lots more!

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Junk Journals, Part 3

Projects/ Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Hey Stampers! With the holidays and all, it took awhile to get the Final Chapter in our series on Junk Journals. My dear friend, Debbie Johnson, does some amazing journals and she graciously offered to share her knowledge, tips, tricks and all sorts of helpful information here on my blog. So here is Junk Journals, Part 3. Thanks to Debbie for sharing her talents!

Junk Journals, Part 3

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Posted on November 25, 2020

Timesaving Tip For Stampin’ Up!® Cling Mount Stamps

Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Cling Mount Stamps – Label Placement

Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends! In addition to online shopping, I hope you have lot of crafting lined up to do over the upcoming holiday weekend. I have a great weekend special starting on Friday at 4:00 AM and going through Monday, November 30. If you're not a member of my newsletter community, be sure to sign up in the box up top so you'll get all the details. This deal is going to save you time AND money!

But, back to the tip I have to share today. If you ever have trouble getting the labels to line up perfectly on your cling mount rubber stamps, this short video is just for you. Even if you haven't experienced any frustration, take a peek. This tip might show you an easier way to get perfect label placement!

If this helped you, I'd love to hear in the comments below which stamp set you used!

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