Today Is National Hat Day!

Okay…I must come clean. I have never been a hat lover, but lately I have spent a lot more time under one of two ball caps…a Stampin’ Up!  logo cap that I purchased at Convention years ago or a Dallas Cowboys one.

In days gone by, hats were an indicator of social status (hmmmm, perhaps this is why “anyone who is anyone”  in England, wears a hat to  all social functions and important events. Seriously, have you ever seen the Queen without her head covered when she is out in public????) and hats would also identify branch of services, rank or regiment in different armed forces.

I spent some time perusing the Internet and stumbled across some interesting hat info…you should google “hats” just for a laugh!

Now…onto something fun. If you had to pick one of these hats, which would you pick and why? I would definitely pick the first one…it seems casual and could easily hide a bad hair day! 🙂

057 hats 3


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