Tuesday Tip

Continuing to share  projects from our Girls, INK,  Celebrate The Everyday class; wanted to give a great tip that my awesome downline, Elisa, shared at our event.

Do you struggle with lining up punched pieces on your cards? Grid Paper works like a charm for this; I bet you already have some on your craft table for your “test stamping”. Here’s another use!

Take the card base layer on which you are trying to align your pieces (the Real Red embossed piece here). Using the ruler line at the top of the grid paper,  line up the center of the cardstock with the “0” on the ruler line.  The cardstock can be either horizontal or vertical; this tip will work either way. Then, center the middle flag piece on that zero and adhere to card. It will then be easy to position all your other flags as desired on your project.

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