Tuesday Tip – Sponges

I think my favorite thing to do on a handmade card is to sponge, in one way or another. Sometimes it’s just the edges to give a “distressed” look. Sometimes I might sponge an entire piece of card stock to change the look. I use my sponges a lot! You might think I had them organized in a meaningful way, but… you would be wrong! Until yesterday that is.

Let me share a lightbulb moment I had that just simplified my sponging immensely!

I used to store my sponges in a big open container. I had a “tag” on some of them, (I used my Decorative Label punch to punch out a piece of card stock and then stapled it to the sponge so I knew which color I had designated for that particular sponge piece). The problem was, they were all a big, jumbled mess. Solution?

I took the time to attach a colored tag to each sponge piece and then I put it into my ink pad caddy under the appropriate color. Can you believe what an easy idea that is? I don’t know why I never thought of this before!

Click for full image

One more sponge tip. We often use an ink pad to color our sponge piece. You can use the brush end of a Stampin’ Write Marker to color the sponge and then use it in the exact same way!  Also, you can probably tell by the above photo, I cut my big sponge into small pieces.  That works just fine and with our Stampin’ Up! Sponges having such a great price to begin with, (3 for $3.50), cutting them makes it even better!


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