Tuesday Tip – Spotlighting

One of my stamp clubs has asked me to feature a new technique each month so I’ve been searching my database for some of the more interesting ones that they might not have tried. Spotlighting is a great way to draw attention to a particular image. Here are the basic steps; check back tomorrow and I’ll give you the instructions for “reverse” spotlighting!

Spotlight#2 Spotlight#3


1) Stamp desired image on two pieces of card stock. Set one aside to serve as background for spotlighted image.

2) On the other piece of card stock, color the area you wish to highlight.

3) Punch out the part of the image you wish to highlight.

4) Line up punched, colored piece with the separate stamped image and adhere.

5) Complete project.


Consider layering spotlighted piece over contrasting color of
card stock cut slightly larger. This will help accentuate the spotlight.


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