Tuesday Tip – Taking The Bulk Out Of Your Scrapbook Pages

My friend Tracy is making a scrapbook for one of her teacher friends. I was at her house yesterday helping her with some of the layouts (we figure that TWO brains are ALWAYS better than one!). Some of the pages were getting a bit bulky; do you ever have that problem? If so, try this:

One great way to reduce the weight of your pages is to cut out the
centers of photo mats–the section that is covered by the photo. Use a
paper cutter to cut only the center section of the mat, so that the
cuts do not show once the photo is matted. Not only do you save in
weight, but it will also save you money! You’ll be able to use the
centers of mats to mat other photos or to use as embellishments that
will coordinate perfectly with the rest of your page. Cutting out the
center of your mat is easy. Lay your photo over the mat to determine
how far into the mat you should cut. Make a mark with a pencil about
1/4″ or more inside where the photo lies on the mat, then make marks
just inside all four corners of the photograph. Use the marks to guide
the blade of the paper cutter. Instead of cutting through the whole
mat, place the blade on the mat at one pencil mark, and slide it to the
next. Continue cutting each side until the center of the mat is
completely cut out. To adhere your photo to the mat, place your
adhesive along the edges of the photo and adhere it to the mat.


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