Tuesday Tip – Turning An Ordinary Candle Into a Work Of Art!

One thing I hear from a lot of my customers is they would like more ideas of “simple” items they can turn into special handmade gifts without spending a lot of money. I can totally relate to that. One thing I have been showing them is how to take a plain candle and turn it into a cute gift by using plain white tissue paper, your favorite stamped images , a piece of waxed paper and a heat embossing tool.

Candle_Thmb Click for full-size picture

For this candle, I used a Stampin Around Wheel, Bright Blessings (115626)and Early Espresso Classic Ink.

  1. Start with a white pillar candle (you can find these at most grocery stores or craft stores, often for a dollar or less). Then, just stamp your images onto a piece of white tissue paper.
  2. If you use smaller , single images (i.e. maybe different sized leaves), stamp onto the tissue paper and then cut out. You want to cut very close to the image itself.
  3. Take the images and place onto the candle in your desired pattern.
  4. The last step is to take a piece of waxed paper, place it over the image and start heating with the heat tool. This process does not take much time and you will be able to see when the image has “transferred” onto the candle. (Be sure to use a piece of waxed paper that is long enough so you can scrunch it up in the back and have a “handle” of sorts to hang onto so you don’t burn your hand while heating!)
  5. Remove the waxed paper and let it cool!

This is a very simple process and you can make several, embellishing as desired. I decorated mine with a 1 1/2 inch piece of Autumn Spice Desinger Series Paper (120808) to create a band around the candle and then tied some hemp around the middle. So, head out and get yourself some candles and see what inexpensive, fun gifts you can come up with!

Email me with any questions and send me pictures of what you make!


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