Tuesday Tip – Using One Photo As A Page Layout Focal Point

Today I wanted to focus on a scrapbooking technique I recently shared with some customers.  On a scrapbook page, sometimes “less” can be “more”. You probably have many photos and when you are choosing the perfect pictures to complete a page, you might try to put as many as you can on your page; I know I’ve done that from time to time!  Instead, try choosing just one favorite photo and then embellish around it, letting that picture be the only focal point on your page.


On this page, notice how your eyes immediately focus on the simple delight of our birthday girl and her cupcake. Of course there were many more photos from this birthday celebration. But, by just choosing one, enlarging it, and then adding a few simple embellishments, you end up with a perfect memory of this special day!

Remember, May is National Scrapbook Month and is coming up soon!

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