Tuesday Tip – Ribbon Tricks

I just love the new colors of our Stampin’ Up! ribbons and the fact that our ribbons totally coordinate with our other products. My customers love to use our ribbon on their projects, but get frustrated from time to time. Here are a couple of tips I’ve shared with them that you may find of use, too!

1. What tool can I use to simplify using ribbon in my projects?

     When planning a project with ribbon, consider using
the stylus tool to help poke the ribbon through. Leave enough tail on
the ribbon to trim after it has been inserted into the card stock,
because it may fray while being pulled through the hole.

2. How can I get a perfect knot every time?

There are two easy ways:

    a. Lay your ribbon out in front of you. Take the left end and fold over the right end; then take the end that is now the right end, fold back over and straighten each and out as you are pulling. (so…left over right and then right over left) If your ribbon is very thin, you will only have to do the first part and the know will be perfect!

    b. If you are making a bow and want a perfect knot, take your ribbon and tie your blow loosely around the top of your Stampin’ Mist. Then, take your Paper Snips and cut on the back side. If you then flip your piece over, you will have a perfect know on the back of your bow and it is ready to attach to your project. This little trick works every time!


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