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A Little Bit About Me

Happy Wednesday fellow crafters and other peeps who stopped in for a look today! I usually am sharing a project or other info relating to papercrafting but today I’m doing something a little different! From time to time I like to share a bit about my personal world so you get to know me “beyond the bling”!

This adorable little girl is my two year old granddaughter, Landry. The face behind the mask is my daughter, Ashley, who is pregnant with a baby sister for Landry! The new little cherub will make her debut no later than Black Friday, November 27. Now, if my daughter’s wish is granted, she will arrive by November 20. I surely remember those days when you wanted nothing more but to get that kicking baby into the world!

My husband and I are on “baby alert” as we will be called into duty once Mommy and Daddy are ready to head to the hospital. Sadly, with Covid, we won’t get to celebrate in the hospital, but will wait until they bring the new pink bundle home.

Thanks for indulging me today while I gave you a little peek into my non crafting world!


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