What’s a Junk Journal? Guest Blogger Today!

Happy “Hump Day” fellow crafters! Today I am so very excited to introduce my friend, Debbie Johnson, as a guest blogger today! Debbie has been doing anything and everything “crafty” for years. But, her latest passion is making “Junk Journals”. What is a Junk Journal?

For years Debbie and I participated in a crafting “swap group” (prior to Covid) . When Debbie was the hostess for our group, she chose junk journals as her theme and she has been popping out these treasures ever since.

I asked her to join me today as a guest blogger and she graciously agreed! Her Part 1 PDF is below and I hope you’ll enjoy! She’ll be back soon with Part 2. Feel free to leave any comments here on the post or email me and I’ll be sure we get back to you soon!

Read all about junk journals, Debbie style


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