What’s Holding You Back From Enjoying Paper Crafting?

Hey Stampers! Can you believe it is almost July? I’m participating in a Christmas in July greeting card swap so I’ll be posting more about that soon, with pictures of course! This particular group of paper crafting ladies has been together for about 10 years and we usually swap every month or two.  Sometimes we do cards, sometimes it might be a small paper book, we’ve done wood projects, and other fun themes. We rotate choosing the swap  and the potluck theme each month so that everyone gets a chance to pick. One thing I hear so often is, oh I don’t know what to pick, I’m not creative, you all do much better swaps than I do!  Sound familiar at all? If you are someone who stamps, scrapbooks, or other DIY projects, what’s holding you back from paper crafting?

I have a lovely lady who is a part of my newsletter community (if you aren’t, I invite you to click here to join and you’ll get a free Fun Fold PDF Project Tutorial). I recently had a birthday and she had emailed me to ask for my address to send me a card. Here it is.

birthday card using stampin up

Now, I suspect she knew my favorite color is purple (I mention that a lot in my newsletter 😁). But, what she told me in the email was “my cards don’t look like yours, but I enjoy stamping and I’m legally blind”! WOW! Talk about impressive. She could let her self-talk of “not being good enough” keep her from enjoying a hobby that she loves. But she doesn’t do that. She still takes the time to stamp! I was so touched that she would not only take the time to create a beautiful card for me but that she even DOES this hobby while being legally blind.

That got me to thinking, not only for myself but for all my customers, what’s holding you (me) back from enjoying paper crafting? Is it you don’t think you are creative? Don’t have enough time? Spend hours looking at Pinterest and then get discouraged? We’ve all been there!

I want to encourage you today, no matter what’s holding you back from enjoying paper crafting, just do it! Stamp a card and then send it to a friend! You will brighten someone’s day for sure! I would LOVE to receive a card from you, and I’ll send one back to you. If you’d like to do that, just email me and I’ll send you my address and we’ll get this card exchange party started!


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