Why Do I Do What I Do?

I have been blessed with the most wonderful friendships through my Stampin’ Up! business. Many of you are fairly new “blog followers” so I wanted to share a bit of my story so you can get to know me better!

Nine years ago I was introduced to this wonderful company. A friend knew I was involved in a card ministry at my church so she thought I might like to come and have a fun evening stamping. Well, not only did I have a fun evening stamping, I started on a journey that has been more than I could have imagined! It is truly amazing to me how sharing one little rubber stamp can touch so many lives!

When I joined Stampin’ Up!, I was only going to buy my own products “at a discount” but had no intention of having a “business”. I quickly became a “collector” and had loads of fun stamping and scrapbooking with some new friends.  My neighbor at the time (Hi Amy!) found out that I was doing this crazy “stamping” thing and volunteered to have a party. I did not even know what I would do at her party. But, I figured it out and we had a blast. Her friends started my very first stamp club and some of them are still customers today.

One thing led to another and, since then, I’ve had the joy of inviting other friends to my events and many of them have hosted their own parties and private classes; some of them have even decided to start a business of their own.

I am privileged to work with the most awesome group of ladies, Girls, Ink. Some of these ladies joined my team to build a business and earn an income. Most of them joined in order to spend even more time doing something they loved. A few even joined to “get the discount” as I did. But, for them, it has become so much more!
When it is all said and done, we continue to be demonstrators because of the integrity of this company and the relationships we’ve built. I can’t tell you how many times my stamp club gals and team members have made meals for one another, sent care packages to children in our military overseas, lent a shoulder to cry on, and it goes on and on.

In 2008, my husband Dave (known to many of you as The Stamp Slave) was diagnosed with prostate cancer (but he has been cancer-free for 3 years, praise the Lord!).  I had to go back to work fulltime. But, I’ve been able to continue to grow my Stampin’ Up! business and I’ve been blessed to earn awards and recognition, bonuses and fantastic trips. Dave and I have certainly enjoyed those things, but none of those would mean much without the love and support of all the relationships along the way.

So, having read my “story” I hope you have figured out “why” I choose to do Stampin’ Up! If you’re reading my blog, even if we haven’t met in person, I know we share a love of stamping and scrapbooking. If you are already a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I am so happy for you and I hope you love it as much as I do! If you’re not, I hope you might be intrigued to take a look at what SU has to offer you!

Until July 31st, Stampin’ Up! is offering a special Demonstrator Kit. It’s a small,  $99 investment and it comes with a bonus gift – A Christmas Keepsake Box Project that includes lots of fun products to create it, along with a new stamp set that will be featured in the Holiday Mini Catalog.
This “Starter Kit” includes the basics you need to stamp with your friends and family and even start your own business, just in time to make some extra income for the upcoming holidays.
I would like to invite you to join my team – Girls, Ink. It’s pretty easy to do, just visit my Stampin’ Up! website at this link: Anne’s Stampin’ Up! Website . Once there, click the Join the Fun button at the top right and follow all the prompts. You’ll be able to customize your kit if you choose, or just stick with the items SU has pre-selected. 
Once you’ve completed your selections and hit “submit; you’ll receive an e-mail from Stampin’ Up! welcoming you to our “family”. I’ll receive an email as well, and will be in touch to welcome you and help you get started.

If you still have questions, let’s chat!  Email or call me and if you are local, we can get together.

Thanks for letting me share why I love to do what I do!

Anne Brown  The Stamp Maven  anne@stampmaven.com  972-234-9118


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