Tuesday Tip – Scoring Perfection With Your Big Shot!

If you have our Sizzix Big Shot and have trouble with dies that have a fold or “score” line, this tip is especially for you!

I recommend the Premium Crease Pads and Extended Premium Crease
Pads when using rule-based dies with score lines. The crease pads
provide a flexible cutting surface that produces clean cuts and
well-defined score lines. When using the crease pads, you should layer
your sandwich to pass through the Big Shot in the following way
(starting from the bottom):

  1. Standard or Extended Cutting Pad
  2. Shim (optional)
  3. Die, blade up
  4. Material to be cut
  5. Premium or Extended Premium Crease Pad*

Shims are used to add thickness to the sandwich passing through the
Big Shot machine, applying more pressure to the die and resulting in
deeper score lines and embossed images. Plastic shims are included with
each crease pad, but you can also use text-weight paper or card stock
as a shim.

The necessity of shims will vary among users. Due to the tolerable
variances in the measurements of all products associated with cutting,
results can slightly differ depending on the material being cut, the
die being used, or even from one Big Shot machine to another. You
should experiment to identify what works best (shim, no shim, extra
shim, etc.) for the material you are cutting and the die you are using.

*Use the Premium Crease Pad with Originals or Bigz dies. Use the Extended Premium Crease Pad with Bigz XL dies.


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